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You can order this product at

Fin Ban bracelets are flexible silicon bans which contain 30 Negative-Ion / Neodymium-Iron permanent magnets, with 4000 Gauss per magnet. Only Fin Ban bracelets offer this high of a power rating for a sport band!  


 First Light Surf Company, offers customers innovative products that are essential accessories to be used while surfing, paddle boarding, body boarding snorkeling or just swimming in the ocean.

Whether you're a pro on the world tour or just a weekend vacationer, our products can help you enjoy the ocean.

Fin Ban ankle and wrist bands reduce the risk of an unwanted encounter with sharks and stingrays!

First Light sun screen offers the strongest and longest lasting skin protection against the harmful UVA/UVB rays of the sun. Our SPF-30+ broad-spectrum sun screen was tested during extreme water activity in tropical climates, the results of the test showed that the product was still effective in protecting the users after four hours.

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These products also make perfect gifts for that special someone heading off on a surf trip or tropical vacation.

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